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Giving your architecture projects character

Create art on your building with Pic Perf.

Create art on your building with Pic Perf.

As the great writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe once proclaimed: "Music is liquid architecture; Architecture is frozen music."

While some people may struggle to accept that a profession so closely linked with construction is based so completely in art, most architects will agree that their occupation requires a significant level of design creativity.

In fact, creating a truly aesthetic building has always been the main focus for those working in the industry. This is why many architecture products have been specifically designed to increase the level of artistic creativity that can be incorporated into a commercial building.

When creating a plan that is particularly artistic, it can be tempting to add personal flourishes that make the project your own. However, even as technology and art evolves, realising your unique and artistic designs can be a lot easier said than done.

Fortunately, there is one way to put a unique stamp on almost any building. 

Where art meets architecture

Locker Group's Pic Perf is a unique way to get a creative design incorporated into your building project. This architecture solution allows for any image to be recreated in stunning detail in perforated metal.

The resulting work of art can then be incorporated as a facade on new and existing structures, creating eye-catching images and truly special features to improve the aesthetics of your building design.

Fully customisable to any size and design, Pic Perf can even be printed to create a 3​-D feature, with touch just as important to the experience as sight. The perforated metal helps you create an architectural statement that reflects your creativity without the need for words. You can create an image based on a photograph, a detailed drawing or even an abstract concept.

With every application custom designed for each project, you know you are getting a unique feature on your building, tailored to your specific requirements.

As an added bonus, the artistic feature you install can even help cut down on costs and resources in other areas, as the multifunctional facade also works as a sun screen and supports ventilation. Additionally, this provides extra security for the occupants as they can gaze through the screen from the inside out.

Things to consider

Before incorporating a Pic Perf screen on your building, there are a few things to consider. You will need to understand the limitations of each design, with images having an optimal viewing distance from where the pictures will be at their clearest.

Additionally, what is under the screen can be as important as the image on it. The background can affect the final appearance of the picture, and the screen is best installed on a light or reflective surface.